July 24, 2018

Housing Department Receives Grant to Transform St. Luke's Neighborhood

Source: City of Phoenix
July 19, 2018

The city of Phoenix Housing Department has been awarded a $30 million Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to improve a community with the largest concentration of public housing in the state.  The funds will be used to transform the Edison-Eastlake community into a vibrant mixed-income neighborhood.

"This grant will increase our ability to provide a mix of affordable housing options and bring needed improvements to the Edison-Eastlake neighborhood," said Mayor Thelda Williams. "It's an opportunity to reshape Edison-Eastlake and build on its assets to improve livability and quality of life for its residents."

The implementation grant will redevelop public housing and stimulate economic growth in the area near St. Luke's Hospital and Edison Park, 18th and Van Buren streets.  It will link housing redevelopment with new amenities, upgraded infrastructure and social services; and will ensure that the Edison-Eastlake community benefits, and builds on, the local transit-oriented development opportunities.