Personal Items Permitted at Our Center

Preparing For Your Stay

Due to the lack of storage space, please limit personal items to one small bag. Items brought in by patients are the sole responsibility of the patient. St. Luke’s will not be held responsible for any missing, lost/stolen or damaged items.

During the summer (Memorial day to Labor day) please bring an appropriate bathing suit i.e. one piece for women and knee length swim trunks for men.

Always give the belongings you may bring in to the staff first. Avoid bringing items in plastic bags.

All belongings brought onto the units will be searched.

Washers/dryers are available on each unit.

Please make sure all personal items are signed out and taken with you when you are discharged.

For items left in the safe after discharge, please contact Intake and Assessment at 602-251-8535.

Items Not Permitted

The following items are not permitted on any unit:

1. Drugs and/or medications

2. Drug paraphernalia

3. Weapons

4. Spray cans

5. Toxic markers and/or glue

6. T-shirts, posters or jewelry, which advertise drug/alcohol use

7. Valuables, credit cards and large sums of money

8. Keys

9. Rubbing alcohol 

10. Pagers/ Cell phones 

11. Pornographic magazines/materials

12. Bandanas

13. Belts

14. Safety pins

15. Decorative pins

16. Bags/Book bag w/long straps/including overall pants

17. Shoestrings

18. Clothes with cords/drawstrings/soft belts

19. Metal containers or glass

20. Q tips

21. Air fresheners

22. Flashlights

23. Mechanical pencils

24. Pencil sharpeners

25. Staplers

26. Eyelash curlers

27. Picture frames with glass

28. Glass vases

29. Helium balloons/latex

30. Mouthwash (unless non-alcohol)

31. Plants

32. Radios w/cords

33. Earphones/Headphones

34. Laptops/Gameboys or personal electronics (ie: MP3, IPod, etc)

35. Hangers/plastic, wood or wire

36. White-Out

If you have any questions about what can or cannot be brought to the unit, please contact the unit directly.